In my dream/vision a few days ago, I went to a meeting. First, I was given a Shipibo cloth, then we sat down. A woman held my hand and asked me about my watch. I found I was wearing an expensive watch but it had no face, where there should have been hands and numbers […]

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Song of the Fairies

The Song of the Fairies, Port na pBucai in Irish, is a song that comes from the Blasket Islands, off County Kerry, in the west of Ireland. It is considered one of the finest song/airs in the tradition. It tells the story of a young woman, taken away by the the Sidhe, the fairies. Some […]

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In the Coils of the Goddess

This is a typical kundalini dream experience. I’m standing in a garden, as a giant anaconda crosses the lawn at great speed. I can see the beautiful skin patterns clearly and sense tremendous power. It heads towards the house and enters through a window. I run into the house and find I’m in a corridor. […]

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Owl Spirit

It’s night-time.  I’m standing in the bedroom of a medieval house. I hear a hissing noise, it gets louder and louder, I realise it’s the sound of baby barn owls, they hiss like snakes. I open the window, outside I can hear the banshee-like cries of adult barn owls. I see something peaking in from […]

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Dreaming of UFOs

    I dreamed I was in the house where my kundalini awakened. The experience was totally lucid and I even asked myself within the dream, am I dreaming?  A house usually represents various aspects of the dreamer and this house had been called Anma, which means soul in Occitan language.  The walls inside this soul-house […]

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Trying to be a Phoenix

On the morning of the first of November, as Halloween merged into All Souls Day, our house burned down. I awoke to hear a strange sound, it wasn’t loud, it was actually quite subtle.  I thought perhaps it was my dog, or one of the cats messing around.  I started to drift back into a […]

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You Are Light

  Rainbow – a display of the colours of the spectrum produced by dispersion of light. Currently, I am studying to qualify as a cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy can trace it’s roots all the way back to shamanism, through to yoga and the sleep-temples of ancient Greece. Recently, I decided to hypnotically regress myself as far […]

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Charming the Bees

This summer the bees came to us.  A wild swarm settled in our chimney and then descended into the stove in our living room.  The whole stove was buzzing and the house was full of the song of countless bees.  Of course this did cause a bit of a dilemma, as we obviously didn’t want […]

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  This is an extract from my book, A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening, exploring the ‘hidden’ kundalini symbolism encoded in the Brian Boru Harp, the national symbol of Ireland. CELTIC KUNDALINI ON THE MUSICAL TREE ‘He was a harp; all life that he had known and that was his consciousness was the strings; and the flood of […]


Spontaneously Arising Shamanism

  In Nepal, they have a term to describe aspects of shamanism that do not involve human teachers, they call this self generated or spontaneously arising shamanism. I have observed this certainly to be the case on my own journey and in the way my shamanic tools came to me. One day, whilst reading a […]

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