Kundalini awakening, is the Path of Fire. Brulology*” is an anglicisation of the French term, brûlologie, or the specialty of burn care. The etymology of the French terms “brûlure” and “brûlologie” comes from the vulgar Latin “ustulare”, to burn (which led in current day Italian to “ustioni”, burns), in combination with the Old Frankish (West […]

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I’m in a small town. The mad cat lady comes up to me, clutches my arm and says intently, you know, there are people here, only pretending, to be humans. Continuing on, I come to a hole, broken into the wall of a run-down house. Looking in, I see a cave system, it’s full of […]

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Setting Medusa Free

I stood outside a room. I knew She was in there. I opened the door and set Medusa free. As I ran, I could hear her following me, singing like a siren. Then, I saw a man killing her savagely, using a broken mirror. But Medusa wasn’t dead. She rose up and began doing the […]

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