Of Owls, Cats and Satanists.

Well, I had intended my blog to be a magical and happy place, exploring my adventures in spiritual awakening, kundalini, shamanism and the mysteries of this wondrous existence. I had intended to start at the beginning, put everything clearly in categories, make a timeline, attempt to impose a sense of logic and order. I may still manage this, but not today, as a darkness has been drawn towards us and enveloped us in sadness.
Where it began I’m not sure, but I first began to sense it’s fragrance a few days ago, when a barn owl landed in our field, in broad daylight. I hear many owls here in our woods at night, but seldom a barn owl, they are rare in these parts, and to observe one during the day is unusual to say the least. I was able to observe it for some time before it left for the woods.
The next morning the fields and woods were shrouded in deep mist, there was a beautiful magical quality in the air, so I decided to take my dog, Dougal, for a walk. We hadn’t gone far when a deer walked out in front of us on the path. I decided to turn around in case Dougal scared her. We left her in peace and I returned to the house and put Dougal in the kitchen. At this moment, something strange happened. A little voice inside me said,’walk to the top of the field’, and without hesitation I did. I just walked through the mist until I came to a tree, above me, in the tree, sat the owl. She was large and beautiful, she looked at me for a bit then jumped out of the tree onto the ground in front of me. For a minute I had the incredible experience of locking eyes with a wild barn owl, before she flew silently away. I was lost in the magic of the moment, and not really listening to another little voice inside that was saying, something is wrong, this is a warning.
The next day are beautiful cat Bintang disappeared. He is a long haired beauty with the sweetest nature and has never spent a day away from home before. He is the third of our cats now to disappear mysteriously.
My wife was distraught and put our contact details up on a website for missing cats. At around midnight, the following message was left on our answering machine, we didn’t hear it until the next morning. The message is in French and initially delivered by a sober and serious adult male voice. It goes roughly like this.
‘Hello, we have found your cat Bintang, he’s long haired orange and white’. So far so good, we have hope. He continues,’We have chopped him up,cooked him and eaten him’. At this point a child starts laughing and says, ‘Daddy, you’re too funny’. The child continues, ‘We have smashed his head in and will send it through the post so you can have a funeral’. They finish by chanting,’All Hail Satan’. It’s lovely isn’t it, really lovely. The police will do nothing, they claim that they can’t trace a blocked number. But of course if the call had been about Al Queada they’d have traced it fast enough.
I am just sending these people love, they won’t change who we are. The great unseen forces of the universe will deal with them in time.
In Hindu metaphysics it is said that the Oneness divided itself infinitesimally and entered into a forgetting of its true nature. Grief can be a bit like that, it blows you apart and you wonder will you ever put yourself back together again. Perhaps the answer to the origin of the universe is simple, that the Creator blew itself apart in sadness, that maybe someone, stole Gods cat.


15 thoughts on “Of Owls, Cats and Satanists.

  1. having had cats taken by coyotes or later by foxes, i can sympathize with you..having met with such deviant spirits as you encountered, i can empathize with the need to collect the pieces of collective consciousness which will fill your spirits with peace later. love encompassing.


    1. Lovely to see you here Nadine. In the last couple of years we’ve lost six cats to illness and disappearance, it’s a bit hard. Of the disappeared two have been pure bred Norwegian forest cats, and one looked like a norwegian. The short haired strays we have, never go. I think it’s to do with the fur trade unfortunately.


  2. I am so sorry about your cat, but rest assured that Bintang will exact some kind of revenge on these people and teach them a lesson. When they all meet up on the alternate side the satanists might be taught some very big lessons. Cats are great haunters if they want to be.


  3. Sending love to beautiful Bintang the gorgeous sweet heart feline~~~ may the Universe have its way with all those deranged humans who harm such innocent beauty…time will not be kind to them. Big Hugs to you and Michele xo


      1. Your story is just horrible ! Well, I will be anxious if my Norvegian cat is late to come back to home … I send lot of thoughs to you… Last year, I had one of mine, an adorable somali cat, killed by dogs. It was so sudden, very difficult time … So I think that I can understand your sadness.


  4. Brendan, do you have any more news of Bintang? I’ve kept hoping the voice mail was just a malicious joke. Regarding the barn owl sighting during the day, apparently they do fly during the day sometimes. However, i don’t doubt the validity of your encounter. When we lived in Brittany (around 24 years ago), a barn owl lived in the derelict cottage attached to our house. One day it left the cottage and came floating past us, silent as a ghost. I knew it was a sign of something, and in fact it heralded a death in the family.


    1. not that I am trying to indicate you would think it was a reflection on you, (and I know this happened a long time ago) it is just that it is a deep reflection on the person who did this… I hope you write more…about other aspects.. that you make it the happy place you intended… as you can tell, you are an effectual writer… even being felt through time..


      1. Hi Earthen Girl Native Rainbow Star. Thanks for your comment. It was a sad time, I can’t even read the post now, maybe I will remove it soon, my life is generally very joyful. I have written a great deal on the many wondrous things that have come to me through kundalini and shamanism. I’m trying to put a book together, when it’s finished I might start blogging bits of it:)


  5. Thanks for stopping by my site. BTW, Taliesin the Bard is my favourite Celtic ‘shaman’ thanks to -I think a John Matthews book on this figure. I think the modern definition of a bard looses too much of what was involved back then…


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