Black Bear Drum

In a magical dream/vision, a shamanic drum appeared to me in perfect detail. The inside of the drum became a portal and I was given a further vision of bears, that roamed the far north in ancient times. Following this, the spirits of Sami shamans came and showed me exactly how the drum was to be made and the spirit of the black bear came repeatedly during this time. The drum is made from reindeer skin, has an oval ash hoop, and is trimmed with reindeer fur. The claws are resin casts of black bear claws, I prefer to leave real claws on bears!

The first sense that awakens in the womb is sound, the first sound the fetus hears is the drumming of the mothers heartbeat. Sacred drums literally re-connect us to the Mother…The word mantra means ‘mind tool’ and the mantras of the Vedas are said to have been divinely revealed. I sense the same with shamanic drums, that they are revealed by Spirit as tools to be made for the spiritual enrichment of the world. (from A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening)


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