A Shamanic Kundalini Upanishad


There is only one soul, this is the Spirit within all things

The essence of this Spirit is Love

You are that Spirit within all things.

It is this One that looks out of every eye be it grasshopper or great whale

It is this One that knows the heat of the sun as mineral or tree,

Through every aspect of creation this One Spirit knows itself

There are two aspects to the Great Spirit

She that creates the Sacred Illusion and He that experiences

These aspects are not separate but one

Duality and Oneness exist together in the Great Mystery

Know you are the One by going to the forest

There, in meditation journey with the spirits of the animals and plants

Let them reveal to you the illusion of your separation from them and all that is

With your drum remember the heart beat of the mother

Sit in meditation and know Her as the serpent, like the serpent move softly on the earth and shed your skin

Sitting with spine erect be fearless like the jaguar

Let the anaconda swim up the spine as the salmon up the waterfall returning to source

On the wings of the condor you will remember who you are

Know that the anaconda, jaguar and condor are one

Feel the legs of the cosmic spider dancing at the fontanel as you enter the unitive state

The cosmic spider pours forth the web of creation from within itself, then rests within this web at its centre

As both container and contained, aware of all activity within its web, the Great Spirit remains untouched, unensnared.

Realise the unitive state of stillness in activity, do no harm, only through a loving life can Love be known

The wise know the universe as unlimited manifestation and possibility in eternal unchanging consciousness

You are That

This is the Upanishad

Om shanti shanti shanti.

(from A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening)



5 thoughts on “A Shamanic Kundalini Upanishad

  1. Absolutely beautiful, thank you. I especially resonate with being the anaconda as I had this sensation swimming up my spine during one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies.


  2. The beauty of this knowing brings tears to my eyes, as you express in words so much of what i feel in my heart/soul. thank you


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