Rivers of God

The River of the World flows both from us and to us. You are the Source and responsible for maintaining its purity, this is the spiritual ecology of the yogi and shaman. It is you that has to drink the Waters of Karma that flow back to you. The ancient kundalini aware cultures of India, Egypt and South America all had their great rivers, the Ganges, Nile and Amazon respectively. Our subtle bodies too have their rivers, the Nadis, 72,000 rivers of energy. Of these the most important is Sushumna, which means ‘auspicious’. Through the Sushumna, the Kundalini descends into matter, creating us, before coming to rest at the base of our spines, as we spend yet another lifetime playing in the illusion of Maya. This is our ‘fall’ from spirit. Within the sushumna is a channel of impossible fineness, the Brahma Nadi. This, is the River of God, through which our serpent/salmon selves return to the Ocean of Spirit, in the endgame of the divine play of Lila. 01

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