Ancient Shaman Ancestors

The area in which I live, in the south-west of France, is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful cave art in the world. The caves of Pech Merle have been the scene of a number of my shamanic visions. I have seen a shaman woman making handprints of ochre all over the cave walls and deep inside the cave system I have received teachings about the Body of Light, from children sitting on spotted animal skins.

Once, in shamanic consciousness, I was shown a book, as the pages turned in front of me I saw different scenes from the caves, until I saw the drawing that is now considered to be a shaman. A spirit-hand passed right through my body and pointed emphatically at this picture. It depicts a person with a number of lines extending from the body and a strange shape above the head.


Archeologists have speculated that the lines are arrows or spears, and that this is some kind of ritual or symbolic death. They have further suggested that the shape above the head is a stylized bird, representing shamanic soul flight. To me however, a different interpretation reveals itself. The spears or arrows do in fact correspond closely to the main chakra points. There is one at the base of the spine, at the sacrum, the point where kundalini is most strongly felt initially. Then there is one going directly into the belly button, again a very important kundalini centre. There are three more spears going up the spine corresponding with the other major chakra points, except for those in the head. This brings us to the stylized bird figure. My sense is that rather than a bird, what is being shown here is a diagram of the spiritual nervous system in the brain. The three most important chakras in the head are Ajna(third eye), associated with the forehead, Sahasrara(crown, above the fontanel) and the lesser known Bindu chakra. All these chakras are connected. In kundalini yoga there is a meditation called Kirtan Kriya, during this, the yogi visualises drawing energy down through the crown chakra and out of the third eye in an L shape. If we follow the top of the ‘bird’ down, then turn left, we have this connection.


If we turn right we have the connection between crown and Bindu chakra. This interpretation is backed up by the line connecting the ‘bird’ to a point on the back of the shaman’s head. This is the exact location of Bindu chakra, where Hare Krishnas have their ponytail.  So to me, what we have here, is a detailed representation of the human spiritual nervous system, and at 25,000 years old, perhaps the earliest illustration of advanced yogic knowledge in the world!

This however is quite recent, compared to what has been found only a few miles from my house in the Cave of Bruniquel.  Here, archeologists have discovered what appear to be ritual enclosures made from stalagmites. What is astonishing is that this site is 175,000 years old and was likely constructed by Neanderthals!


Even earlier than the Neanderthals was their ancestor, homo erectus, also connected to this region as Tautavel Man.



In one of the most spectacular shamanic visionary experiences I have undergone, I made a direct connection with this most ancient ancestor, which I relate in my book, A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening.

Suddenly I became aware of a figure standing against the glass double doors that lead onto the patio. I felt a sense of recognition, and shouted, ‘look, they’re back!’ This brought me into a shamanic state of consciousness, a state of total awareness in which I was fully immersed within the vision and I was filled with wonder and excitement. The being at the window was about five feet tall and of a squat muscular build with no neck. It had its back turned to us revealing a body covered entirely in short grey- blue hair. Although I was behind it, I could simultaneously see its face, which was hairless with a sloping brow. It was like a small wild-man, a miniature Sasquatch and I ‘knew’ absolutely this was one of the Almas. Then I saw three other figures, also about five feet tall but these were wearing shaman costumes. No part of their bodies was visible, the costumes covered their faces down to their feet. The costumes had ribbons in the colours of the rainbow on them, like those used by Siberian shamans. They each held drums, and as they drummed they spun around, the ribbons swirling around them. Three Siberian, Almas shamans, drumming and whirling like dervishes on my terrace! 

The height and build of these shaman Almas corresponds to the traditional descriptions of them being between five and six and a half feet tall, not gargantuan like Sasquatch. It has been suggested by the great cryptozoologist Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans, that the Almas may be a surviving population of homo erectus.   Some reconstructions of Tautavel Man do match very closely the appearance of my Almas. I think the Almas came to me, as they have such a close connection to this region where I live, they too are of this place and are still here, at least in spirit form.  For me they are my shaman ancestors. The message I receive from them is, we are a part of you, that you have forgotten, and need to remember.

We certainly interacted with Neanderthals and it’s possible that homo sapiens and Neanderthal also interacted with homo erectus and other hominid species.  The archeology, combined with my own visions and experiences convinces me that, although shamanism may be our earliest form of spiritual expression, it was not confined to our species and may in fact be a legacy from those relatives and ancestors quite different from and very much more ancient than us.



2 thoughts on “Ancient Shaman Ancestors

  1. Hi I’m from Iran, my maternal ancestors were darvishes!!! Whirling around in Sama dance, involved in the occult Sufism, and getting to the other side like shamans I guess. and that was one of the reasons that demons had legal right to come into my life too. And thats every where in the world unfortunately, that trance state, those altered states of consciousness, hypnotic state in which people are more suggestible to telepathy. What people experience in these states is a partial matrix, is a thought, is a feeling induced by other beings. and when out of body, easier possession/oppression happens, in return soul has to share its home with other entities. And what they teach is always the same New Age message which is everywhere, in persian literature, we have many beautiful poetry with the message of false love. They mix truth with lies. So they have many people misled. And that unification with god, that enlightenment, the rise of kundalini, is not of true light. After the explosion in brain, they can go to other realms, but they talk about a new outworldy consciousness.. That wisdom is from a powerful intelligence…not from the so called universal mind. I did meditation, i saw a budda being, he wanted to ensure me about osho teachings!!! I also see UFOs, moving stars… And they are related, they are demonic. They gave me meaningful nightmares when i realized about their true character. In nightmare they showed me face of ashtar commander, and I had no clue of who he/she was then!! In meditation, and trance state induced by dancing, drugs… They can show us what we wanna see, as long as we’re interested. In sleep paralysis I called Jesus Christ for help, the second time I called him i saw my soul, pulled up by a force, there was a struggle, then I was released, and when I woke up, a miracle happened, my five years of fatigue was there no more, I was full of a new energy like my childhood, and its here now, after two months, whenever I feel their presence, or whenever they touch my body, I call Jesus Christ name and they are gone!! If they are not evil, why do they bring same messages over thousands of years about how we should trust them in helping us spiritually grow. That’s New Age deception. Devil destroys the world, souls turn cold, then he offers his colorful false doctrine, false love, false and dead relaxation, empty Alfa state, where he can fill with his own telepathic powers.. God Bless


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