Kundalini and the Body of Light

The first line of my book, A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening, reads, I used to think it all began, the night I dreamed of the goddess Isis.  It seemed strange to me at the time, that my kundalini awakening should be heralded by an Egyptian goddess, but now I understand Isis as the Egyptian version of Shakti. That the Egyptians understood kundalini is obvious from the snake pushing out of the pharoah’s forehead. It is also quite likely that the ankh, like the tantric sri yantra, represents the sushumna, that with the ankh, we are looking up inside the spinal column.

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Recently, the wisdom of ancient Egypt made its presence felt again in my life and once more, a significant spiritual event was to follow.

The sequence began, when shortly after his death, I dreamed about David Bowie. I talk about this in an earlier blog. He sang me chants and mantras from his new album, entitled, Merkaba. Merkaba is a word that can be traced back to ancient Egypt.  Mer meaning light, ka meaning spirit and ba meaning the human body.

Shortly after this I dreamed of watching a nuclear explosion, out of the mushroom cloud stepped a huge being of light, it held out its hands, palms up, in a gesture that seemed to say, don’t look so surprised, you did ask for this.  In meditation I was subsequently to feel two explosions occur deep inside me, I could hear them internally and they caused my body to jump.

For some time I had also been experiencing certain specific phenomena spoken of in the Upanishads, that occur as we approach a more expansive state.

In deep meditation aspirants may see forms like snow or smoke…they may see within them more and more light: fireflies, lightening, sun or moon. These are signs that they are well on their way to Brahman.  (Shvetashvatara Upanishad)

I have received most of these visions, the full moon (the fully opened box of the bindu chakra) would appear in my third eye and I would see an internal sun rising within me.  I would say however, that the phenomena of smoke, was particularly shocking. 

The smoke began to come in sleep and meditation, I would see it rising suddenly up, all around me, silvery and beautiful and so ‘real’ I would be knocked out of meditation by it or woken with a start. Then, I began to see fire, it might be burning deep within me or I would see it externally. Once, as I meditated I could see it was burning on my  bedside table next to me. Another time I saw it in a small vessel I have on my altar to burn incense. Inside the vessel was a small perfect flame, the vessel was placed in my heart from where the silvery smoke began to pour forth. Smoke may come from fire when there are impurities to be burnt away and I knew that this was the burning away of my own impurities. This divine smoke and fire is so beautiful, so magical, I’m sure this experience I find myself within, that many others have undergone before me, is the source of the use of sacred smoke and fire in so many spiritual traditions worldwide. The snow was also very beautiful, it would burst from my third eye and fall all around me.


These visual phenomena were accompanied by the spiritual soundtrack of the divine sounds also noted by the yogis of old.

The Yogi should always listen to the the sound (nada) in the interior of his right ear. This sound, when constantly practiced, will drown every sound (dhvani from outside …. By persisting … the sound will be heard subtler and subtler. At first, it will be like what is produced by the ocean (jaladhi), the  cloud (jimuta), the kettle-drum (bheri), and the water-fall (nirjhara) . … A little later it will be like the sound produced by a tabor (mardala, or small drum), a big bell (ghanta), and a military drum (kahala); and finally like the sound of the tinkling bell (kinkin), the bamboo-flute (vamsa), the harp (vina) and the bee (bhramara). (Nadabindu Upanishad)

The Upanishads show a number of variations concerning the divine sounds, some place them in a set order some include more, others omit some of them.  The nada is certainly heard in the right ear, this is the sound of Shakti in the sushumna, the spanda pulsation of the universe. It is like a divine tinnitus, very beautiful and in no way disturbing. Concentration on this sound causes the mind to dissolve within it.  One of the Upanishads speaks of the tinkling of tiny ornaments, I can confirm this, it’s like the air is filled with crystals hitting gently against each other. I have also heard water rushing through me, heard the striking of a bell, the beat of a drum and the strings of a harp-like instrument.

Other phenomena around this time included, seeing the face of an Indian goddess with a triangle of golden light descending over it and dreaming of an Inuit shaman, an angakok. He stood with arms raised over a ritual altar. In Shamanism, Mircea Eliade tells us that the angakok  aquires for the student, the quamanec, a mysterious internal light in the brain that illuminates the shaman, it allows him to see, nothing is now hidden from him. This is curiously relevant to what was to come.

Then there was the book. Whilst browsing the net I came across a new title, The Silver Eye. This is a translation of the texts in the Pyramid of Unis in Saquarrah, by the highly respected archeologist and linguist, Susan Brind Morrow.

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As soon as I saw the book, I knew I had to read it, that there was something important in it for me. So, without really checking what it was about or looking at reviews or finding out about the author, I downloaded it straight away and started reading. I was astonished by what I found, as it turns out that these texts (which are the oldest known writing we have and which in turn came from an even older oral tradition) are are all about kundalini and the creation of the Light Body. The kundalini serpent is literally slithering all over the walls of this pyramid, the word tantra can also be found there, spelt ta’ntra. I’m not suggesting that tantra necessarily came to India from Egypt but rather that sound is divine and divine vibration will manifest as the word closest to its vibration, throughout time and culture.

Prefixing certain important sections of the texts we find two hieroglyphs, a cobra and a walking stick. This means, say the words.  Sometimes, say the words, four times. Well, I was so amazed by what I was reading that I did read certain key passages, over and over. Here are some examples of undeniable references to kundalini and the Body of Light.

The liquid of the spine is an edifice held high.

The spinal cord serpent bites.

The snake encircles you in your tree, the serpent rises through the tree of the body

Unis becomes the primary serpentine life force.

Rise, rise. Your serpentine light body burns in your skull.

Pulling up essences. Essence of earth essence of wind. Revered fierce glowing spinal cord.

From the palace of the great ones in the Milky Way..See him in his form of the vehicle of the spinal cord..he knows his rising cobra is the boat that carries him.

He has broken the knots of the spine, he receives the essence of the stars.

Say the words, the light body rises, it is a serpent the head is that of a snake rising from earth.

Release him oh serpent the rising serpent releases and becomes the light body.

After reading the book I awoke in the night and went into a very deep meditation but after a while I became quite exhausted and turned on my side to go back to sleep. Immediately the nada began, spanning right across my head from ear to ear. It became louder and louder, the vibration more and more intense. It actually felt like there was a metal bar going through my head, that was was being pulled from each end by an incredible force. I could hear the pressure increasing as if the ‘bar’ was stretching, the sound became high pitched and metallic and I knew that something had to give, that something was going to happen. Then, it snapped, the sound ‘broke’ and I was instantly filled with light in my brain and entire body. I was nothing but light and vibration, it was as if every photon in my DNA had switched on to full power. I have no recollection of coming out of this samadhi of light, time ceased to exist.

Considering my dream of Isis and then of the merkaba, that merkaba is an Egyptian word and that after reading the texts in the Pyramid of Unis, this spiritual event occurred, I have no doubt that this was the Body of Light that I experienced. The presence of the dream shaman also leads me to conclude that the quamanec of the Inuit and the merkaba of the Egyptians are the same thing.

The Egyptians were obsessed with the stars. As Unis and his kundalini, his serpentine light body, ascend, he becomes one with the stars.  In meditation, seeing the Milky Way turning inside me, I wonder that if, as they say, we are made of stars, do our particles not contain light and are we, through our spiritual practices, not reversing the process of the dying super nova and like Unis, becoming the stars again.





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