Kundalini Crop Formation

I’m having great fun looking back at all the crop circles/formations that have appeared over the years. This one is particularly stunning from a kundalini perspective. This beautiful serpent appeared at West Woodhay Down, near Inkpen, Wiltshire.

The Cosmic Serpent Kundalini Awakening Crop Circle West Woodhay Down, Wiltshire 29th July 2011

The body of the serpent has 29 circles. 29 reduces to 11, which is also found twice in its date of discovery, the 29th of July 2011. Furthermore it is really huge, spreading across 11 tramlines in the field! It’s all about 11’s, DNA and Oneness. The serpent’s tongue takes the form of the three pronged trident held by Shiva, symbolising the union of Shiva and Shakti. Additional confirmation that this serpent is specifically a depiction of kundalini, is that, if we include the other circles in the formation, we get the the number 33, which is the number of vertebrae in the spine, through which kundalini travels. Between the main circles on the serpent’s back, there are 48 very small circles/dots. 48 is the number of petals on each side of ajna/third eye chakra. The path the serpent takes through the center of the circle represents the space between the two hemispheres of the brain through which the kundalini swims bringing them into perfect equilibrium. This is not unlike the serpent swimming over the drum, in the painting at the top of this page.


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