Following the Reindeer

This week has been quite intense spiritually. First, someone asked to see me for some shamanism. Before sleeping, I asked to be given some guidance on this and dreamed I was collecting jay feathers. The next morning on my walk, I found a beautiful jay feather and also a large crow feather under the oak where I meditate. The next night I dreamed I was gathering up huge amounts of crow feathers and I was shown two trees. The one on the right was full of crows and into the one on the left were flying orbs of pure white light, like bird-sized comets; a tree of Crows and a tree of Souls.




The following night I dreamed of hugging a tree in which were hanging all my shamanic paraphernalia, like in this picture.


Then, a young Irish traveller boy came and said to me, what do you know about the Nenets? I knew absolutely nothing about them but awoke with the word in my head and looked it up straight away. I was amazed to discover, that the Nenets are an indigenous people in Arctic Russia whose main subsistence comes from hunting and reindeer herding. They have a shamanistic and anamistic belief system which stresses respect for the land and its resources. The Nenet shaman is called a Tadibya and they acknowledge three different kinds.

  • Vidutana, strong shamans standing in contact with the upper world
  • Yanyani tadebya, shamans belonging to the earth
  • Sambana shamans, shamans able to receive messages from dead people and to perform other rutuals concerning the dead.

Two of my drums are made from reindeer and so I feel a strong resonance with the Nenets.


This personal connection is reinforced by the Forest Nenets shamanic use of amanita muscaria. This plant spirit has been one of my most valuable teachers and in the same way that ayahuasca shamans sing icaros, the Nenet shamans have special Fly Agaric songs.



In my dream/visions the following night, my late mother-in law came, I know she is a protective presence as she transformed into a giant white cobra, rising high up into the air above me, at the same time a raptor with white feathers flew around us.

Then, I became aware of a multitude of shamans, they transformed into what I can only describe as a Sri Yantra of interconnecting reindeer horns expanding and contracting infinitely and simultaneously. I knew that these were my shamanic ancestors stretching back in time thousands of years, projecting the same into the future and that I was in the center of all this. The greatest respect an honour to the Nenets, the Sami and all traditional peoples who, despite the odds, are still following the reindeer.


One thought on “Following the Reindeer

  1. Reblogged this on SHAMANIC KUNDALINI and commented:
    I feel the need to reblog this piece honouring those that follow the reindeer in the light of the awful news that because there is oil to be had, Russia is ordering a mass cull of reindeer, which basically amounts to culling the entire culture. It’s always profit before people and they will find any excuse to destroy those still living in traditional ways because they can’t make any money out of them.


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