Dreaming of UFOs



I dreamed I was in the house where my kundalini awakened. The experience was totally lucid and I even asked myself within the dream, am I dreaming?  A house usually represents various aspects of the dreamer and this house had been called Anma, which means soul in Occitan language.  The walls inside this soul-house were painted white and a living room was being cleaned and prepared, this all felt right.  

Then the phone rang, it was loud and insistent.

I always pay attention to a phone in a dream, it’s a vehicle of communication and I often receive information in this way.  When I found the phone, it was under a sky-light, even that term feels significant.  Through this, I could see it was night outside and against the blackness of space, two rows of UFOs flew by.  They took the form of balls of white light, they were so beautiful and I awoke really joyful.

This is not the first time I’ve had visions of UFOs, they always leave me feeling excited and uplifted.  I think, perhaps, they may represent our future ascended selves, in our bodies of light.

They looked like this.

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