Owl Spirit

It’s night-time.  I’m standing in the bedroom of a medieval house. I hear a hissing noise, it gets louder and louder, I realise it’s the sound of baby barn owls, they hiss like snakes.

I open the window, outside I can hear the banshee-like cries of adult barn owls.

I see something peaking in from the top of the window, then the owl comes in.  It’s right up against me, its wings fluttering all over my face.  It settles in the room and I go to sleep, leaving the window open, for this spirit owl to fly away.

I’ve encountered many owls, both in ordinary and non ordinary realities.  Mike Clelland has written a fascinating book (in which I feature), with a unique take on the connection between owls and UFO experiences.  It’s called, The Messengers – Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee.  It is interesting to me, that this dream-vision occurred, just a few days after I dreamed of UFOs.


Irish Church and Barn Owl by Robert Bateman





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