In the Coils of the Goddess

This is a typical kundalini dream experience.

I’m standing in a garden, as a giant anaconda crosses the lawn at great speed. I can see the beautiful skin patterns clearly and sense tremendous power.

It heads towards the house and enters through a window. I run into the house and find I’m in a corridor. I know the anaconda is going to come up the corridor which obviously represents my spiritual spine. There are rooms to each side and I frantically get my family and pets safe behind doors, as I fear they will all be just snacks for the anaconda. Once I’m satisfied everyone is safe, I go to find the snake.

It has coiled up behind a couch. It is covered in something like a stocking, which I realise is a shedding skin. The anaconda sheds the skin and begins to rise up, it’s looking straight at me.

Then, it transforms into a beautiful dark haired woman. She comes to me, puts her arms around me and kisses me. I know I’m in the arms of the goddess but that from the waist down, she is still a giant anaconda.

She says, I really know how to party!


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