Seed of Light-3 Lotus

In my dream/vision a few days ago, I went to a meeting. First, I was given a Shipibo cloth, then we sat down. A woman held my hand and asked me about my watch. I found I was wearing an expensive watch but it had no face, where there should have been hands and numbers to measure time, it was totally blank. A man then came over and pulled out an old fashioned pocket watch. This had a complete face on it and he began to wind it up.

Then, another man left the room and I followed him. It was dark but I could see him, he was summoning all the demons from Hell. He called each one by its individual name. Each time he said a name, a shadow being would appear then move off.

I retreated and found myself in a beautiful place, there was a stream and water trickling over rocks. As I stood by the stream, lotus flowers spontaneously burst forth and bloomed, in my cupped hands. I knew with all my heart, that this was the antithesis of summoning a demon.

I think there is a lot to digest here about the current spiritual battle in which we find ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Seed of Light-3 Lotus

  1. I really like what your doing here. So many interesting stories. The rainbow is real! I’m still trying to figure out how it all works. I’ve had visions of us absorbing or inhaling the rainbow light before. I didn’t realize Irish were Into kundalini and chakras as well. That’s rad!
    What you know about space lotus? smiley face


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