Chapter Eleven – 11:11, DNA and the Rainbow Bridge

‘The potent essence of creativity, the kundalini fire fused into streams of pulsating light that rippled up and down their bodies like flames in a raging burning forest, tidal waves of energy -snakes of living light. Cascading rainbows of photons swirled around and out of their heads in unimaginable radiance.’ Susan Ferguson

The central thesis of Jeremy Narby’s book, ‘The Cosmic Serpent’ is that, ‘…the peoples who practice what we call ‘shamanism’, communicate with DNA.’ 23 During a spiritually very intense period, I realised that this was exactly what was happening to me, that my DNA was talking to me. This realisation came about when I began to experience the 11:11 phenomena. I first noticed this number code on the digital clock of my car as I was driving up the lane to my house. That night I woke up with intense kundalini flowing through me and this eventually culminated in an OBE. When I came back from the OBE I had received the following information. 11:11 means, Un-limited manifestation and possibility, in eternal unchanging consciousness.

This is the most important sentence in this book; I would gladly delete everything else I have written if this could remain. It corresponds beautifully with the yogic viewpoint of the creative force of Shakti combined with the still consciousness of Shiva. 11:11 is all ones, so it is about Oneness but also it is a communication from our DNA. Narby says of DNA that,

‘In 4 billion years, it has multiplied itself into an incalculable number of species while remaining exactly the same.’ 24

So, DNA can also be seen as infinite manifestation and possibility in eternal unchanging consciousness. Following this I had further dreams full of numbers, which always added up to various combinations of eleven and I began to see it very frequently in waking life. The two ones in the number eleven represent the twin strands of DNA. Within the genetic code of DNA there are sixty-four possible words, which have twenty-two possible meanings. Twenty-two, is of course 11+11. In my repetitive snake dreams I sometimes encountered double-headed serpents. In one dream, whilst a black mamba chewed on my hand, a two-headed green and white striped cobra watched us. In another, I dug into the earth and pulled out a statue of a double headed serpent which when inverted became a chalice. Furthermore, in some of my dreams the snakes would be impossibly large or very small, or very small with impossibly large mouths. This also ties in with Narby’s observation that, ‘…DNA is a snake-shaped master of transformation that…is both extremely long and small, single and double. Just like the cosmic serpent.’ 25. During this time I had many dreams and visions of outer space, other planets and star systems. Crick, the discoverer of the structure of DNA, believed that it did not originate on Earth but arrived from outer space through panspermia, a possibility that was corroborated by my own received messages concerning our origins on this planet. In one dream I was shown a plant in a pot. Hidden in the soil were secret seeds. A voice said, humans are seeded on this planet and this will be shown through DNA. An African shaman showed me a cosmic egg with seeds in it. The voice said, we are seeding across the supernova, soon we will be gone.

Buryat shamanism holds that we have three souls; one of these contains the memory of the ancestors, the memory of our DNA. I think these cosmic dreams and visions may be the soul memory of my DNA’s journey to Earth.

In the Cosmic Serpent, Narby focuses primarily on the shamanism of western Amazonia and the use of ayahuasca. His theory that these shamans are accessing information at a microscopic level was confirmed to me also in an ayahuasca ceremony. In this ceremony my consciousness was brought right down to the cellular level. I could see the cells of my body and within the cells swam numerous tiny snakes. A few months later I came across new research published in the Journal of Genetics and Genomics by Dr Ji-Long Liu’s group at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics in Oxford. They had discovered what they called ‘cytoophidia’ in human cells. Cytoophidium is ‘cell snake’ in Greek and this is exactly how they appear under the microscope.

Cytoophidia have heads and tails and can move around. They really do look like snakes,’ explains Ji-Long Liu and furthermore that, ‘Amazingly, these snakes occur across the tree of life, from bugs to humans.’ 26

So, by drinking a plant medicine I had clearly been shown what these scientists had discovered in their experiments, tiny serpents in our cells. It is not necessary however to ingest an entheogen to receive this information, this conversation with our DNA is a gift of the spirits to the shaman. Long before ever I had taken ayahuasca I dreamed of a ladder. I was told to climb the ladder to find the sacred tobacco. I had no idea of the intimate relationship between ayahuasca and tobacco at this time, nor of the receptors in the human brain into which a molecule of nicotine fits like a key into a lock. This effectively opens a door to certain electrical reactions, which excite the DNA. The DNA molecule looks just like a twisted ladder. My own DNA was telling me it could be ‘excited’ by tobacco.

The ladder is a very important symbol in many shamanic traditions as a means of ascending to the upper world. Eliade cites numerous examples. It is clear that shamans from all over the world are in conversation with DNA and that just as the mind interprets kundalini as a snake, it turns DNA into a ladder. In my dreams I would be climbing ladders, carrying ladders or be given ladders.

In a series of ayahuasca ceremonies one experience kept repeating itself, a vast crystalline structure would manifest above my head. At the same time, the sushumna would extend out of my forehead as a transparent tube, which turned upwards towards the crystal. Within this tube swam the kundalini cobra. I was very awed and a little scared of this crystalline structure and did not really understand what it was. Re-reading the Cosmic Serpent months later I was amazed to see a drawing representing consciousness as understood by the Desana of the Columbian Amazon. It shows the two hemispheres of the brain with a serpent moving through the centre towards a crystal located outside the head.

DNA itself is an aperiodic crystal, which emits photons that correspond to the spectrum of visible light and another way that DNA expresses itself to the shaman, is as the rainbow. In standard Mongolian the word solongo means rainbow and is related to the Dagur Mongolian word soolong meaning ‘power dream’ as the shaman travels over the rainbow in his sleep. Black Elk had visions of a flaming rainbow and Eliade notes that some Siberian drums have rainbows painted on them, the ribbons in Buryat initiations are called rainbows and that the rainbow is a bridge to the Upper World.

For me the experience of the rainbow was unforgettable. It began as a dream where I found myself looking at an ancient magical book then I looked out of the window and saw huge electrical energy in the distance. Then I looked out of another window and saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was bigger than a normal rainbow and the colours unbelievably intense and it was twisted in a double helix. I went outside to see it and realised I could fly. I said to Michèle, we have entered the New Earth. At this point I knew absolutely that I was in another dimension. Holding hands with Michèle we walked through a town, in front of us the rainbow transformed into the shape of a huge gothic arch. We continued under the rainbow arch, walking past some beings from another planet and came to a pillar of light. It came up from the earth with all the colours of the rainbow like a kundalini-awakened spine. Beside it, floating in the air, a silvery willow-the-wisp spirit pointed at it, as if to say, ‘look at this!’ Then the rainbow took the form of a comet and rushed into my chest.

To me the Vertical Pillar of Light is our path to higher consciousness, the Rainbow Bridge and the ladders, our DNA. It is through changing this that our higher consciousness manifests and spreads in the world. Scientists are now suggesting that memory is passed on via DNA. What kind of memory are we passing on to our descendants via the blueprint of our individual DNA? Buryat shamanism holds that,

‘The three souls reside in the spherical field of energy that envelops the physical body. This sphere has an upright axis within it, pierced by seven holes that correspond to the seven chakras. The suld soul resides at the crown of the head, where there is a direct connection to Father Heaven through the small tenger that resides there. The other two souls oscillate back and forth through the holes of the body axis in a sine-wave pattern.’ 27

The oscillation in a sine-wave pattern of the two other souls bears more than a passing resemblance to the ida and pingala nadis either side of sushumna and the double helix of DNA. The two other souls are known as the ami and the suns. The ami soul is the carrier of ancestral genetic memory, in other words the memory of the DNA of the physical body we have incarnated in. The suns soul carries the collective experiences of past lives. I suspect that the balancing of ida and pingala nadis in a kundalini awakening may also bring these two souls into balance bringing the memory of our present DNA entwined with the memory of our transmigrating soul in a double helix up the spine to the Oneness at the crown chakra.

So, DNA takes the form of a double helix and presents itself to shamans as a serpent. It is surely no coincidence that kundalini not only presents itself to the awakening person as a serpent but may also rise up the spine in a full intersecting double helix. If we consider the yogic view that we live in an illusion of separation, one soul pretending to be many we can relate this to the fact that DNA as the building block of all life, is one thing, seeming to hide itself in multiplicity. It would seem to me that the animating force and consciousness within DNA with which shamans interact to obtain knowledge is nothing less than the creative force behind the sacred illusion. Shamans are talking with kundalini Shakti. That scientists, yogis and shamans all uncover snakes within us makes me wonder if the inherent fear of snakes so many of us have is not simply a the fear of remembering our true selves.

‘It was a wonderful time -the Time before Forgetting. One wonders if and when the approach of ensuing cycles was sensed. For inevitably and imperceptibly, the frequencies of the temporal illusory hologram changed, becoming gradually diminished and dulled. The brilliance of the seething snakes of light from the kundalini force dimmed and as consciousness descended further into matter, was suppressed, cloaked – choked.

The few who quite reasonably, desperately clung to what had been before were still able to see the snakes of light writhing from the heads of beings that possessed Real Power. But most could not. Most did not remember their own flames of thought, the once radiant wild spraying photon rivers, the shimmering snakes of light. And they began to be afraid.

The frequencies of fear led human consciousness further into isolation, separation, density and delusion. Cut off from the true memory of Oneness, this world descended into violence fed on the contagious miasma of fear. The Sacred Warriors of better times, whose dharma was to protect Truth, left the Earth.

As time crawled inexorably on, fear and greed became the norm. The creators, who had forgotten who they were, inserted unending wars into the astonishing hologram called Life. Thus began thousands of years of senseless, intentional, unstoppable killing -taking what others created and loved. Endless wars soaked the earth with blood and the once visible luminescent snakes of light vanished. Thus began all of written history.’ 28

It is astonishing and wonderful to me that through my own journey of remembrance, the healing of my own cumha, it is revealed to me that I am indeed, at one level of my being, a shimmering snake of light. Now, when I close my eyes and turn inwards I can sometimes see a serpent dividing the hemispheres of my brain. It swims around a central vertical axis; sometimes it’s double, sometimes single. When it is single it looks exactly like a design by an unknown noaide on one of the lost Sami drums.

This period concluded with a dream in which I found myself looking at an old rusty ladder. I was about to climb it when I was told, no, and I was presented with a brand new, shiny ladder. Much later, when the spirit of the Bear came to guide me in the making of a Sami style drum, I was to climb the silver light ladder of my own DNA, into other dimensions.

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