Seed of Light 2 – Our Lady of the Reptilians

Warning, this blog may be a bit strange but I assume you have read the title and know that already! I must say, that I find quite funny that in these times, it’s actually more socially acceptable to talk about Reptilians, than to question vaccines!

Over the years, I’ve had many dreams and visions of UFOs and beings not of this earth, this is quite a common theme with kundalini awakening.

In the early days of Covid, I had several dream/visions of spacecraft, I think it’s interesting to look at them in sequence. First, I dreamed we had bought back an old property we used to own. It was called Anma, which means soul, in Occitan language. It felt so real, I kept questioning if I was dreaming, within the dream.

Inside, all the walls are white and I hear the phone ringing (I am often given a phone in these experiences when I’m receiving an important message). The ringing is very loud, it gets my full attention. Eventually I find it, just when it stops ringing. Then, I look up through the window. It’s night-time and two rows of UFOs are flying past, they are orbs of pure white light, so beautiful, I cry out with joy, it’s such an amazing vision.

In another dream, I found myself in deep space, stars all around. Ahead of me, were a group of UFOs. They were saucer shaped and pure white, heading to earth. I was following them.

Next, I dreamed of a golden vortex emanating light. I knew there was a vast UFO on Earth but that it can’t be seen, although it’s hidden in plain site. Then I saw a statue of an owl, grid patterns, then stars, as a metallic UFO disc, descended over my crown chakra, like a hat.

During meditation, the UFO type disc came once again, it was beaming down light, energy was pouring into my crown chakra. After this, hours of visions came, starting with blue and orange fire. Then Ayahuasca, I saw her as the anaconda, her fractal tentacles took me into outer space, I saw millions of stars.

On the anniversary of our house fire, I dreamed of lights in the sky. It was daylight and several orbs/UFOs were flying. I went to the top of a hill to see better. A voice said, this place, is SO sacred.

Then things took a different turn. I dreamed I was in a room with my father. He gave me a magic staff and a beautiful, egg shaped quartz crystal. He said, there are three worlds inside the crystal, like in your head. There was a door with a small window, through this, I could see eyes with black vertical slits, looking in at me. I pointed the staff at them. This was the first time, I got a hint of the Reptilians.

Following that, I dreamed I was in Ireland. It was the the equinox and I watched a beautiful full moon over the ocean, the waves lapped gently. Writing appeared in the sky, it said, about those reptilians…

In the next dream I was shown two reptilians. One was ferociously sucking energy from the brain-stem of a human. The second stood in front of me, it was really aggressive, a hyperdermic needle, was floating in the air between us. This was obviously a message about what is really behind the vaccines.

This all culminated with a very intense experience, which left me feeling very strange for several days afterwards.

I go to a medieval style chapel, dedicated to, Our Lady of the Reptilians. Inside, there are eyes carved on the walls and the floor descends in concentric circles. I sense great power down there, like a dragon, uncoiling. A man is with me, I’m beginning to sense something. I say to him, is she…? He gives me a knowing look and says, yes, she even has a tail.

I go outside, where there are two stone columns. On them, are carvings of Our Lady of the Reptilians. She is dressed in the clothes of a medieval noble-woman. She is just like a normal woman, except for her head. This is much like a human head, except it is covered in scales and has no hair. Her eyes are lovely.

Then I come to full consciousness. Everything is black. In front of me in the darkness are two huge reptillian eyes, the size of tennis balls. They are round and emerald green, with black vertical eye slits. I gaze into her eyes, I feel no fear, I sense ancient intelligence and power, I can see galaxies, stars and timelessness is in those eyes. Its a really, shockingly, beautiful experience.

I feel I was being reminded that, the primal power of the universe, Shakti, the goddess, creates and resides in everything. There is only the ONE, experiencing itself in multiplicity and as uncomfortable as it may feel, this includes the Reptilians too.

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