Seed of Light 1 – The Tree of Light

I was initially reluctant to talk about the Tree of Light, and I won’t say exactly where she can be found, but I also realised that she is not in danger, that she comes and goes as she pleases, that she is here when we need her, that the Cabal have no power over her.

This species of tree, holds the spirit of a fully enlightened being, with the highest level of consciousness on the planet. She is called the Tree of Light, because she is bioluminescent. Through a process of reverse photosynthesis, the light she produces from within, causes her leaves and bark to glow softly. At night, her leaves fall to the ground and it looks as if the forest floor is covered in stars.

Glowing bioluminescent leaves of the Tree of Light

I knew nothing about the Tree of Light, when I set of to the Amazonian jungle, to attend an ayahuasca retreat. This is something I have done several times and in my experience, as soon as you take the decision to visit ayahuasca, many magical coincidences and events are set in motion. As I sat in the plane awaiting take-off, I looked at the computer screen, on the back of the chair in front of me. It said, that my flight to Lima, would take exactly eleven hours, eleven minutes. This was the divine number code 11:11, written in front of me, heralding the start of my pilgrimage. This is typical of ayahuasca!

Upon arriving in Lima, exactly 11 hours and 11minutes later, we then had a connecting flight to Iquitos and from there we would sail down river for a couple of hours, to the retreat. Iquitos feels very otherworldly to me, I always have strange dreams there, I’m not one hundred percent convinced the place is actually real. I know we are talking about planting seeds of light but sometimes, we have to look at the darkness first, to remember why we need them and Iquitos provides a perfect opportunity.

Founded during the rubber boom, Iquitos is the only city in the world located inside a rainforest, the only ways in are by plane or a torturously long boat ride. There are roads that leave the city, but they were never finished, I think of them as, the roads of the dead. The dead are ever present in Iquitos, I sometimes think the town planners factored this in, to accommodate the constant traffic to the otherworld. During the rubber boom, unspeakable atrocities were enacted by Europeans upon the indigenous population. The details are so bad, I won’t go into it here but it was all documented by the Irishman, Roger Casement. Casement had been sent to the Belgian Congo on behalf of the British Crown, to investigate reports of genocide, being committed by the agents of King Léopold. He spent ten years there, before word came out of Iquitos of a similar situation and he was dispatched to investigate. By the time he arrived, nearly all of the two hundred and fifty local tribes had been decimated, along with their languages and traditions. Indigenous children were being used as domestic servants and sex slaves. Roger recognised many of the same horrors he’d seen in the Congo, because real evil has a certain signature, wherever it emerges.

It is amidst this context that the story of the Tree of Light is set. I say story but personally, I don’t think it’s a story at all!

So, here goes, the Legend of the Tree of Light.

During the atrocities of the Rubber Boom, the population one village, realised that the plant medicine tradition was in very real danger of being obliterated. They were Shipibo, who are masters of plant medicine and this village had healers of a quality that may no longer exist in the world. They went to the Tree of Light and asked what should be done. The tree told them to make an elixir from her roots. Then, they were to gather everyone inside the village bounds and pour the elixir around the circumference. Although everyone was under strict instructions not to leave the village, there was of course one young boy, that snuck out to play in the forest. When he returned, he was too late and he saw the entire village fly up into the sky and disappear in a flash of rainbow coloured light. The village was never seen again and it is said that they became forest spirits and protectors of the plant medicines.

From that moment on, the Tree of Light, as a species, became extinct. For years, many searched for her but she was gone, perhaps the consciousness of humanity had sunk so low, it was too much for her to bear. However, although she was no longer physically in the world, she continued to work with certain Shipibo healers energetically, they would receive direct downloads from her, to aid in their work, so the connection was never entirely lost.

Now, foreword wind to the present day. In our times, all that remained of the Tree of Light, was a pipe made from the wood of her roots. This was handed down through the generations until it came into the hands of a curandero. He decided he would do a dieta with the pipe. This is a spiritual discipline involving dietary and sexual restrictions, in order to form a relationship with a plant spirit. So, under these conditions, he began to smoke the pipe, using jungle tobacco. Soon, the spirit of the tree appeared to him in a dream. She told him she was back and exactly where to find her. And she was found on the land of the community where I attended the ayahuasca retreat.

This community is made up from, the descendants of the tribes, decimated during the rubber boom. They came together with no cohesive culture or tradition. They are some of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met and it seems appropriate, that the Tree of Light, should come to them. I also believe that her presence on Earth at this time, is also a great sign for the whole world.

Now, as I mentioned, the village flew up into the sky and the indigenous name for the tree is, the Flying Medicine Tree. She is also known as The Way of Truth. Amongst the Shipibo, she is considered the highest being and only one step removed from god. Within the Amazonian tradition, she is the path of non-duality. In the legend, the village disappears into rainbow light and I believe that this tree is capable, of inducing the rainbow body, famed in the Great Perfection tradition of Tibet.

Western science, would have us believe, that we crawled out of some primordial slime. But how much more liberating and magical to believe, as do the Shipibo, that a tree of light, that exists on two hundred and fifty other planets, and in multiple dimensions, seeded all life on Earth, including us. It certainly resonates with me, because I know, that in truth, we actually are beings of light.

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