Battling Bill Gates on the Astral Plane

My last blog was about demons and I find this one is too. I really don’t want this to be a theme, but this is the time of the demons and we must face them. There is no doubt, that we are within the great spiritual battle and that it extends far beyond ordinary consensus reality. What follows is typical of what may occur to those of us, who also move within shamanic reality.

I find myself in a small town in the west of Ireland, where I used to live. It’s night and I walk across the road and sit on the window ledge of a shop front. In the street, some Indians are performing a puja. They are wearing traditional clothes and dancing. One of them, a young girl, collapses and has a violent seizure. The rest carry on dancing, some even fall on her. I say to the people near me, that the vaccine caused her seizure.

Suddenly a young boy appears behind me. Standing on the window ledge, he leans in over my shoulder and whispers in my ear,

I will never let them alter me, never let them change my intrinsic nature, my friend the Carpenter says this too.

Then, Bill Gates is there. I immediately get right in his face and say exactly what I think of him. That he is responsible for the girl having seizures and countless other deaths and injuries. I have a white pill in my hand. I hold it up and say

Why don’t you take MY pill, Bill, WHY WONT YOU TAKE MY PILL!

We engage in a violent struggle, as I try to make him take the pill but a car pulls up to rescue him. He says,

that guy is tough but he’s got some magic coming his way.

Immediately, my body is infused with spiritual energy. I’m rooted to the spot, I send energy at Gates, he sends it back, it’s an astral psychic battle. I’m shocked awake, kundalini is flowing all around me.

Falling back to sleep, I’m find I’m in a room with my wife. It’s small, with double doors. Through the window I see a lion coming straight towards us. There is no way to bolt or lock the doors. I scream to my wife for help but she can’t hear me. The lion reaches the doors, I can’t hold them, I can sense its power. The paws push through, I feel it’s great claws on my hands, I know I have no chance but then, once again, I wake up, the bed is drenched in sweat.

The Carpenter, made me think of Christ and this fabulous song by Judee Sill, Jesus was a Crossmaker.

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