I’m in a small town. The mad cat lady comes up to me, clutches my arm and says intently, you know, there are people here, only pretending, to be humans. Continuing on, I come to a hole, broken into the wall of a run-down house. Looking in, I see a cave system, it’s full of […]

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Seed of Light-3 Lotus

In my dream/vision a few days ago, I went to a meeting. First, I was given a Shipibo cloth, then we sat down. A woman held my hand and asked me about my watch. I found I was wearing an expensive watch but it had no face, where there should have been hands and numbers […]

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In the Coils of the Goddess

This is a typical kundalini dream experience. I’m standing in a garden, as a giant anaconda crosses the lawn at great speed. I can see the beautiful skin patterns clearly and sense tremendous power. It heads towards the house and enters through a window. I run into the house and find I’m in a corridor. […]

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Owl Spirit

It’s night-time.  I’m standing in the bedroom of a medieval house. I hear a hissing noise, it gets louder and louder, I realise it’s the sound of baby barn owls, they hiss like snakes. I open the window, outside I can hear the banshee-like cries of adult barn owls. I see something peaking in from […]

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Dreaming of UFOs

    I dreamed I was in the house where my kundalini awakened. The experience was totally lucid and I even asked myself within the dream, am I dreaming?  A house usually represents various aspects of the dreamer and this house had been called Anma, which means soul in Occitan language.  The walls inside this soul-house […]

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