Setting Medusa Free

I stood outside a room. I knew She was in there. I opened the door and set Medusa free. As I ran, I could hear her following me, singing like a siren. Then, I saw a man killing her savagely, using a broken mirror. But Medusa wasn’t dead. She rose up and began doing the […]

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Seed of Light-3 Lotus

In my dream/vision a few days ago, I went to a meeting. First, I was given a Shipibo cloth, then we sat down. A woman held my hand and asked me about my watch. I found I was wearing an expensive watch but it had no face, where there should have been hands and numbers […]

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In the Coils of the Goddess

This is a typical kundalini dream experience. I’m standing in a garden, as a giant anaconda crosses the lawn at great speed. I can see the beautiful skin patterns clearly and sense tremendous power. It heads towards the house and enters through a window. I run into the house and find I’m in a corridor. […]

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Trying to be a Phoenix

On the morning of the first of November, as Halloween merged into All Souls Day, our house burned down. I awoke to hear a strange sound, it wasn’t loud, it was actually quite subtle.  I thought perhaps it was my dog, or one of the cats messing around.  I started to drift back into a […]

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You Are Light

  Rainbow – a display of the colours of the spectrum produced by dispersion of light. Currently, I am studying to qualify as a cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy can trace it’s roots all the way back to shamanism, through to yoga and the sleep-temples of ancient Greece. Recently, I decided to hypnotically regress myself as far […]

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  This is an extract from my book, A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening, exploring the ‘hidden’ kundalini symbolism encoded in the Brian Boru Harp, the national symbol of Ireland. CELTIC KUNDALINI ON THE MUSICAL TREE ‘He was a harp; all life that he had known and that was his consciousness was the strings; and the flood of […]


Kundalini Crop Formation

I’m having great fun looking back at all the crop circles/formations that have appeared over the years. This one is particularly stunning from a kundalini perspective. This beautiful serpent appeared at West Woodhay Down, near Inkpen, Wiltshire. The body of the serpent has 29 circles. 29 reduces to 11, which is also found twice in its […]

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Kundalini Crop Circle

Recently, a beautiful crop circle was discovered in a field beside Stonehenge which contains remarkable yogic symbolism. To me, this is really a form of Sri Yantra. A Sri Yantra is a depiction of the sushumna, the principle spiritual channel that runs inside the spine, through which kundalini travels. We are looking up the tube […]

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The Kiss

Judee Sill, is a largely forgotten musical genius. After a somewhat difficult life, she died tragically young aged just thirty-five. Much of her work is imbued with spiritual overtones and her great song, the Kiss, is no exception. In fact, I see it as a beautiful kundalini metaphor and this is supported by her words […]

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The Nature of the Universe

There are two aspects to the Oneness, She that is active and creative (Shakti) and He that is the great still consciousness (Shiva). Shakti and Shiva are One, duality and oneness exist together in the Great Mystery. After seeing the number code 11:11, I was pulled out of my body and told, that the nature […]

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