Chapter Ten – Trail of Spirit

 During my first ayahuasca retreat I made everyone laugh when I came out of mareado and declared, I have awoken with strange devotion to Shiva! I didn’t understand why ayahuasca was repeatedly taking me to Shiva, as I had no real affinity with, or knowledge of this deity. Now I see more clearly. Shiva wears […]

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Chapter Nine – First Drum

‘…the shaman drum comes to us by the destiny of the spirits…’  Sarangerel       Upon returning to Europe I adhered strictly to the post dieta restrictions and ayahuasca continued to do her work, bringing me slowly towards a more shamanic state of being and I began to have dreams of drums and drumming. […]

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Chapter Eight – Ayahuasca

     There are certain conditions that western medicine seems ill-equipped to deal with, as very often the symptoms are treated but not the cause. Within our own family we found ourselves with a life or death situation on our hands, urgent healing was needed and conventional approaches had failed miserably. One thing that comes […]

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Chapter Seven – Mother

     I was some years into my spiritual awakening when my mother died. I would have loved to share with her my experiences, I felt she would have perhaps understood, but she was seriously ill and I didn’t want to burden her. She died a long and terrible death from emphysema. She had been […]

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