Ancient Shaman Ancestors

The area in which I live, in the south-west of France, is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful cave art in the world. The caves of Pech Merle have been the scene of a number of my shamanic visions. I have seen a shaman woman making handprints of ochre all over the […]

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Rivers of God

The River of the World flows both from us and to us. You are the Source and responsible for maintaining its purity, this is the spiritual ecology of the yogi and shaman. It is you that has to drink the Waters of Karma that flow back to you. The ancient kundalini aware cultures of India, […]

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New Singers of the Oldest Song

The English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, upon first discovering English folk music said that he felt a sense of recognition, of something he had always known, yet hadn’t known was there. He said, ‘a folksong is like a tree, whose stem dates back from immemorial times, but which continually puts out new shoots. In one […]

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Black Bear Drum

In a magical dream/vision, a shamanic drum appeared to me in perfect detail. The inside of the drum became a portal and I was given a further vision of bears, that roamed the far north in ancient times. Following this, the spirits of Sami shamans came and showed me exactly how the drum was to […]

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A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening

I’m very proud to announce the publication of my book, A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening. It is unusual in that (as the title suggests), it draws together the worlds of kundalini and shamanism. There are books out there describing kundalini awakenings but very there is very little dealing with the shamanic awakening process. In my case, […]

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Cumha, is a beautiful Gaelic word.  In Scottish Gaelic it denotes a lament and is found as a prefix to many of the old harp tunes.  In Irish the meaning is more subtle, implying a sense of melancholic separation.  Many of us are in a state of cumha, separated from nature, ourselves and source.  Learning […]

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Of Owls, Cats and Satanists.

Well, I had intended my blog to be a magical and happy place, exploring my adventures in spiritual awakening, kundalini, shamanism and the mysteries of this wondrous existence. I had intended to start at the beginning, put everything clearly in categories, make a timeline, attempt to impose a sense of logic and order. I may […]

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